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Cover Recite This
The Boston Globe Magazine, May 13, 2012
Massachusetts is among the top five states in the country for students participating in this recitation contest. Follow along as the competition heats up.Read >
Between the Tweets
The Boston Globe Magazine,February 13, 2011
It's a portable, wireless, always-on world. What are these seductive devices doing to your marriage? Read >
Ho-ho no
The Boston Globe Magazine,December 5, 2010
Hanukkah's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Bah, humbug Read >
Cover Ka-Ching
CommonWealth Magazine, Spring, 2010
What happens when a casino moves into town? A visit to Pennsylvania offers a glimpse of what the future holds for three Massachusetts towns.Read >
Cover The Maybe-Baby Dilemma
The Boston Globe Magazine, November 22, 2009
What to do with unused embryos, a byproduct of a booming fertility business, is a question patients are rarely prepared to deal with. They have several choices: finding a research program or fellow patient to accept a donation, discarding the extra embryos, or doing absolutely nothing.Read >
My Kindle Quandary
The Boston Globe Magazine,September 27, 2009
Even libraries are going digital. What's a book lover to do? Read >
Cover Boomers and Babies
The Boston Globe Magazine, July 26, 2009
When's the right time to start a family? For this generation, it's never too late? Read >
Cover Back to the Tap
The Boston Globe Magazine, July 12, 2009
As they pinch pennies and pay more attention to their carbon footprint, Americans' romance with store-bought water is on the wane. But is the stuff that comes out of the faucet actually safe to drink? Read >
Cover Let's Talk About Sex
The Boston Globe Magazine, February 1, 2009
High school kids are being taught about the birds and the bees with the same fear-mongering tactics many of us remember. But some health educators today are offering teens a more grown-up lesson: Sex isn't necessarily a bad thing. Read >
Hovering Closer
The Boston Globe Magazine,October 5, 2008
In the ever-competitive college application world, parents are involved at every step of the game - and the kids seem to like it that way. Read >
Divided Loyalties
CommonWealth Magazine, Fall 2008
Why do we trust our employers and our favorite brands more than our government? Read >
For Me, School's Out
The Boston Globe Magazine, September 7, 2008
An ex-teacher discovers that yesterday's students are today's friends. Read >
Is Unlimited Vacation A Good Thing
The Boston Globe Magazine, July 20, 2008
It sounds great, but in practice, "unlimited vacation" looks a lot like "no vacation." Read >
Redefining the American Dream
CommonWealth Magazine, Summer 2008
Rethinking success in a world of limits. Read >
Cover Hurry Up, Grow Up
The Boston Globe Magazine, May 11, 2008
What happens when students choose majors in eighth grade? Read >
Driving Me Mad
The Boston Globe Magazine, April 13, 2008
Singles discover a new kind of road rage. Read >
Married to the Job
The Boston Globe Magazine, December 30, 2007
Why we value work more than love. Read >
My Date With Diva
The Boston Globe Magazine, March 2, 2007
The perils of pet ownership. Read >
Cover Easy Out
The Boston Globe Magazine, November 11, 2007
Ok, maybe not easy. But today's gay high schoolers are discovering that declaring their homosexuality - and doing it at younger and younger ages - brings little of the stigma and complications that earlier generations faced. Read >
The Underachiever Speaks
Brown Alumni Magazine, July 2006
The author writes in her alumni magazine about how insecure it makes her feel. Read >
Meet, Marry, Move On.
The Boston Globe Magazine, July 15, 2007
When you're looking for a soul mate, why let a spouse slow you down? There's a new emphasis in marriages on emotional togetherness, a standard some relationships just cannot meet. Good thing nobody bats an eye anymore when young, childless couples divorce. Read >
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